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How to Lose Weight after C section

How to Lose Weight after C section

How to Lose Weight after C section

Having successfully overcome the difficulties of pregnancy, you have given birth to your happiness. Now that you are reeling from this immense happiness, at the same time, you may also have to worry about how to reduce your weight gain during pregnancy. This becomes even more worrisome if you have had a C-section ie Caesarean delivery because it will take longer for your body and your wounds to heal. You will also need to be cautious about your walking methods for several weeks.
But there is no need to get discouraged, here we are telling you that there are some simple and easy remedies that can effectively destroy the unnecessary fat stored in the body after a c-section.
After c-section delivery, the area around the corset-like muscle on the abdomen is most in need of exercise. These are known as transverse abdominis. These muscles surround the spinal cord, pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal and back muscles.

To lose weight after a C-section, regain your pre-natal weight by following these simple steps.

1. Breastfeeding
Feeding The Beast

It is well known that breastfeeding is the best way to provide nutrients to your newborn. However, many people do not know that breastfeeding can be helpful in weight loss.

Breastfeeding consumes about 300 to 500 calories per day. This can be an ideal way to reduce excess abdominal fat.

2. Count Your Calories
Since you have a lot of calories by breastfeeding daily, you also feel very hungry due to this. The best way to control your weight is to keep in mind how many calories you are consuming, while eradicating your hunger.

How to Lose Weight after C section

Find healthy breakfast options. Things like yogurt, nuts, flaxseed, fruit, salad, and less fatty meat not only quench your appetite but can also help you lose weight. Do not let your calorie count below 1200 as your metabolism may be reduced in this situation and this may adversely affect your objective of losing weight.

3. Buy a post-pregnancy belt
After a C-section, doctors usually recommend using an abdominal belt to protect incisions or wounds. In addition to providing protection, this belt has other uses. It helps in keeping the stomach flat and does not allow extra fat cells to build on the stomach.

You can use this belt all the time except food, sleeping or washroom.

4. Drink plenty of water
About 8-10 glasses of water per day not only keeps you hydrated but it will also help you to breastfeed better. It will also help in getting the fat out of your body.

4 home remedies to lose weight after cesarean
1. Lipid Eliminating Massage
Lipid elimination massage

If you are not yet strong enough to walk properly or you are not yet energetic enough to start exercising, you can opt for massage. This will make your muscles and bones strong, and it will help in strengthening your muscles and reducing weight. Massage will also provide the necessary strength to your body which will help you in exercising later.

2. Start a walk
Walking, and especially walking at a fast pace, brings health benefits quickly and does not cause blood clots. Walking also does not fatigue your body of extra labor and cardiovascular exercise.

3. Yoga
You can start a yoga practice six to eight weeks after the c-section delivery. Keep in mind that start practicing yoga only after consulting a doctor. If proper diet is also taken care of with yoga, not only will you lose weight but it will also improve your muscle strength and flexibility.

4. Exercise
When your wounds are completely healed then you can start some simple exercises. Be careful not to do it for a long time in the beginning. It would be advisable to start a little and increase it over time.

Here are some exercises you can try:
Pelvic tilts
Pelvic tilts

To regain your strength it is necessary to strengthen the muscles around the abdomen. Pelvic tilt is the best exercise for this. Shrink your abdominal muscles and push your pelvis upwards. You can do it by sitting, standing or lying down.


Keep your body in a state of pushup and place both of your elbows on the floor. Keep your back straight and keep in mind that the abdominal muscles should be taut. Remain in this state for 30 seconds and then gradually increase the duration over time.

Cobra pose
Lie on your stomach and place both your palms next to your shoulders. Pulling your stomach inwards, slowly raise your head upwards while keeping your elbows adorning the ribs.
Bridge position
Lie on your back on the ground and straighten your legs. Keep your feet at the width of the hips. Slowly raise your waist, abdomen and back and let the shoulders rest on the ground. This will strengthen the muscles in your stomach without putting any pressure on your wounds.