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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance 

If you are doing a job, you will often get stuck between work and life.  In such a situation, you keep the work-life balance balanced by taking the right decision.  You have to change your routine.  This can increase your productivity.

What is work life Balance?

 Every person should set his / her own preferences to stay satisfied.  First of all to stay alive food, water, home, then security, love, sociality and self respect is needed.  After this, knowledge, beauty and realization of achieving the goal is necessary.  If you spend your life with complete planning, then you can decide when to focus on work and when on family.

 5 reasons why not able to make work life balance

 Social expectations

 Society sets unrealistic goals for us.  This causes a lot of tension.  As a result, stress is experienced when the average number of examinations are not sufficient, they are not able to earn enough or the family wishes are not fulfilled.

 Big dreams

 When there are big dreams in the mind, a person is immersed only in that.  He finds small failures bad, he is cut off from people and eventually becomes unhappy.  Knowing yourself properly is very important for work-life balance.

 Want perfection

 Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer a false picture of a fabulous life.  Seeing pictures of people's fashion, family, friends, food and fun, you start wanting perfection in every area of ​​life.

 Run from depression

 Depression and burnout are unacceptable deficiencies in society.  People do not talk about these topics in front of anyone.  This causes great harm to oneself and family.  For this, you should change your lifestyle.

 Lack of proper selection

 The same rules apply to everyone in this world.  Due to fixed policies on the workplace, you are unable to control your life.  You should try to choose a career in your life that fits you.

 How to make work life balance

 Be unplugged

 Allot a time of day to stay away from mobile phones and the Internet.  Using them more often does not provide time to relax, connect with people and do work of interest.  It has become necessary to keep unplugged from phone and internet.

 Take an hour a day

 You should respect yourself.  An hour should be set for yourself throughout the day.  Respect this time in the same way as you do your manager's time.  In this time, create a special habit of your choice.  Make it necessary for yourself to spend one hour daily in the routine.

 Power of five

 It is necessary to add small and large breaks to the routine for productivity.  Take a five-minute break after work every hour.  Rest five minutes during the shift from one job to another.  This helps you shift your focus.

 Pick three

 One can choose only three out of work, sleep, family, friends and fitness.  You should find out what are your priorities in life.  Define the parameters of your success in every area of ​​life.  Start saying no to tasks that take you away from priorities.

 Take small steps

 Some people make big plans for changes in life, but in reality they are unable to do anything.  Do not take more than two small steps in a week.  Give yourself a chance to adapt to these changes.  Major changes can end immediately.  Make small changes in life and do this for three consecutive weeks.

 Find change

 Try to change your lifestyle.  Meet with clients in off-time, avoid getting stuck in traffic, get household goods online.  Try to develop habits that provide good nutrition, sleep and exercise.  Create a support system for your family and team that can be used on time.

 Adarsh ​​Life Circle

 Use a diary to track how you spend the hours of the working day and how you spend the day.  Divide these hours into work, family, fun.  Keep them in the category of essentials.  This is the current life circle.  After this make ideal circles.  Add desired work, time and people to it.  In order to achieve this, unnecessary work should be removed from life.

 Avoid multitasking

 Say no to multitasking.  This will reduce stress.  Whatever work you are doing, create a boundary around it.  Suppose you are having dinner with the family, then stay away from all kinds of disruption.  Do not read emails over the phone if you are in a meeting with the team.  If the mind wanders, then you will not be able to focus on the current work.

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