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5 Short Stories For Kids

    5 Short Stories For Kids

5 Short Stories For Kids

 Short Story 1

 Once upon a time there was a king.  He had a big kingdom.  One day he got the idea to visit the country and he planned to visit the country and went for a walk.  When he returned from the journey, he came to his palace.  He complained to his ministers of aching feet.  The king said that the pebble stones that were on the way pierced my feet and some arrangements should be made for this.
 After thinking for some time, he ordered his soldiers and ministers that the entire roads of  the country be covered with leather.  Hearing such a command of the king, everyone came into the shock.   But nobody dared to refuse.  It was certain that a lot of money was needed for this work.  But still no one said anything.  Some time later, an intelligent minister of the king drew a tip.  He went to the king fearfully and said that I want to give you a suggestion.
 If you do not want to waste so much money unnecessarily, then I have a good idea.  Due to which your work will be done and waste of unnecessary money will also be saved.  The king was surprised because for the first time someone had spoken of disobeying him.  He said what is the suggestion.  The minister said that instead of covering the entire country roads with leather, why don't you cover your feet using a piece of leather.  The king looked at the minister with surprise and ordered him to make a shoe for him.
 This story teaches us an important lesson that one should always think of a solution that is more useful.  It is not wise to think of a hastily applied solution.  Good solutions can also be derived from interactions with others.

Short Story 2

A boy lived in a village  He was a sheep herder.   He did not like it  But he had to do this because he was very poor and his father was sick. One day he went to graze the sheep and he got a prank and suddenly he started shouting "wolf wolf".All the villagers came to his aid when they saw that there were no wolves  People got angry and left
    The next day he went again and all of a sudden he saw a wolf attacking his sheep he shouted again “wolf wolf” but the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again and  Nobody came to save his sheep  .The wolf ate his sheep  He was very sad

 Short Story 3

 It was summer  There was a big tree in a field  It was very green  The tree were full of fruits.  One day a child was leaving the field  The child was hungry and he was feeling very hot  The child's eyes fell on the tree  Seeing the fruit on the tree, his mouth watered  He ate fruits and After eating fruits, he fell asleep under a tree  After resting for a while, he left  The next day she was passing by again  There is not a single fruit on the tree .He asked the tree, "Where did all these fruits go?"  The tree  answer and everyone ate its fruit but if you give water to  me then I will give you many fruits again.  Then the child waters the tree every day  After a few days, the tree bear fruit again  He is very happy to see the fruit  This story shows that we should water the trees every day. In return the tree gives us good air, fruits etc.

Short Story 4

Once there was a battle between the wind and the sun, the wind said: "I am stronger than you".  The sun said.  "No, you are not.
        At that moment, he saw a passenger crossing the road.He was wrapped in a shawl.  The sun and the wind agreed that no one could separate it.The wind took its first turn.  He blew up all his towels and began to separate his passenger's shawl from it Shoulder but the more he bounced, the harder the experimenter woke up the shawl in his body.The struggle continued till the end of the wind
                Now it was the sun's turn  The warmth of the smiling sun was felt by experimenter.
 Soon he let go of the shawl.The sun's smile warmed up . The traveler no longer needs his shawl . He took it off and lowered it.It's on the ground.  The sun was declared stronger than the wind

Short Story 5

A monkey lived in a forest  That monkey used to harass all the animals of that forest  He had no friends  All the animals were very upset with him  Whenever an animal was injured, the monkey would sympathize with him and apply ointment to him.  He didn't do it for his own pleasure because it was made with black pepper which caused more pain to the animals. The monkey was very happy to see all this.                                  One day a rabbit was hit by a rock and injured  She was in a lot of pain  The monkey's gaze fell on the rabbit and he sensed an ailment.  The rabbit told the monkey everything  The monkey gave him ointment and left and started looking away .With the ointment  the rabbit's pain became worse and he started crying  The monkeys were laughing when they saw him  Hearing the rabbit's voice, the other animals also came  They asked him why he was crying and the rabbit told everyone what had happened to him.
      Everyone has a plan  The rabbit also had to take revenge  He took two baskets, one big and one small  He glued the big bottom  He took the two baskets and went to the monkey and said if you want to eat mango then come with me  The monkey liked the mango very much. He was able to walk along with it. The rabbit gave him a big basket. They filled their baskets with mangoes but the basket stuck to the ground as the basket was glued.  The monkey was not going to leave the basket. He pulled the basket with all his force,which broke the handle of the basket and he fell down.  He got injury and rabbit apply same ointment to monkey.The pain got worse  After that, the monkey realized that when he does everything with others, it happens.  He apologized to all. Now they all are friend. Now the monkey was also very happy.

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