Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Working women Problems


Working women Problems

Working women Problems

Working more than nine hours a day can put women under stress.  A research has given this warning.  Women who worked overtime for more than 55 hours a week had more symptoms of stress than women who worked 35.40 hours.  Many women carry more domestic work than men.  Which increases the total working hours.Which can cause following problems. 

Risk of stroke
 Stress increases the risk of stroke.  According to a study of more than 80,000 women, women who were stressed had a 29 percent higher risk of having a stroke.  Women aged 54 to 79 took part in the study.

 Changes in appetite
 When women suffer from depression, they resort to food to alleviate it.  Eating can make you feel better, but overeating or stopping food can be harmful to your health


Change of mood
 Women's moods change during depression.  Hormonal changes can also cause this symptom of depression.

 Lack of self esteem
 Depressed women tend to lack self-esteem.  This makes it difficult for her to work. She keeps thinking about the mistakes she has made in the past.   

Effect on sleep
 Depression can have a debilitating effect on sleep.  Which is a sign of it.  A stressed woman may have trouble falling asleep or, conversely, become very sleepy. Being tired  Depressed women are tired all the time. They feel tired in doing any work and      they are also nervous.

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